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Do you by any means looking for a local or international Bulk SMS Aggregator? In that case, the need of the hour is to locate a reliable SMPP Server Delhi that goes a long way to address your concerns. To an extent, handling the mechanism can be complicated. At the same time, you have to make sure to have a sustained growth.  To effectively manage the business of Bulk SMS, you can count upon the SMPP Gateway Service Provider in Delhi by us at Static King.  We identify areas and provide solutions that solely focuses on the customer's specific requirement.

How you stand to benefit with us
The SMPP server made available by us is a powerful product that can help you to manage the SMS business in the best possible way.  It has been designed such that it can work with any Kannel or any third party applications, based on the various available versions.

What more, with us, you can operate the entire system, without having to make use of any coding. The system is crafted such that it can be operated by anyone and for the same, it does not require having any technical knowledge as such. For the same purpose, the user friendly web interferences provides you an excellent opportunity to create SMPP users, thus increasing the potential of your venture.

With us at Static King, there is no limit. You can scale new heights and the SMPP server delivers on what it is meant for.  It is essentially about intelligent management of the server. Even if the connection is somewhat lost, the server ensures to balance the output, by loading and holding the messages at a stable rate.
Features of SMPP

  • It lets you stay connected directly with various carriers
  • Can deliver 200 messages per second 
  • Prefers to make use of short code
  • The  status delivery reports ensures that your messages are received
  • 24x7 support system at any point of time
  • The server lets you import DND/Blacklisted numbers easily through the web interference
  • By defining the Spam keywords, you can prevent any spam messages
  • Based on your need, you can turn on and off the server, according to the requirement
  • You can channel the messages in manner that let you access the low cost routes
  • Automated billing system to define your credit value based on the region and the network

The SMPP server Provider Delhi at Static King intends to delivers on what you are looking for. At the end of the day, it is all about getting the basics right and this is what we do best.

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Features & Benifits

(Below features only valid for SMPP Server Only)

Features of SMS Plus Messaging platform

  • Price based system.
  • Pricing assignments of a user are based on a country & operator pair that        validates against the coverage of different routes.
  • Separated HTTP and SMPP submission.
  • Available as web service for users to send messages.
  • Includes a desktop client for users not only to send messages but to manage        they contacts, groups and distribution lists.

Features of SMS Plus Messaging platform

  • Fast Delivery reports.
  • Also includes a web interface for sending messages, viewing profile, balance and        routing.
  • Supports multiple routing for a user for different vendors.
  • Prefix based routing only for special prefixes.


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