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Best Website Design Service In Patna - We Static King, A unit of King Digital Pvt Ltd have proven to be a leading solution for all type of website designing. Web design at Static King is a combo of services which includes everything from the planning of a web site and continues with the maintenance. Our Web Designers and Web Developer work together to help you designing and creating an outstanding online store for you. Websites created by us attracts your customers at you. Our highly skilled team of professionals work to create perfection to get best for our clients and focus on maximizing your potential and achieve an impressive return on your investment. After spending a long time in this booming industry, we have gained the trust of many big brands.

Why we are the preferred choice of our clients?

Because we are Best Website Designing Company in Patna and due to following reasons-

An accurate mix of design and development

Teledensity above 90% and low internet prices attract more and more people to buy goods and services online. This makes the digital world a centre of attraction for most businesses across the world. Creating a website does not suffice the conditions of online existence alone. A right mix of design and development is required keeping in mind the consumer’s preference. We create visually appealing and harmonious websites that provide a pleasant experience to users making the transaction process faster. This also helps in the repeated purchase from the customer’s side. Our website designs are created keeping in mind the latest trends and preference of your customers.

Improves brand visibility

We make sure that your website is in alignment with its brand. We take care that complete guidelines are implemented and reflect the brand identity. We understand your business and revenue goals. To achieve these major goals, focus on minor things such as brand awareness about product/ services, generate leads for business, and help in converting consumers online are a must. A pre-optimized website makes it easier to achieve goals and better brand visibility.

Mobile apps

We help you to create mobile apps that not only make it easier for consumers to buy your product and services online but also provides you a golden goose of data that is definitely a good chance of promoting your products and services. It also helps in improving customer loyalty.

Appropriate integration of additional modules

With the latest technologies, Standalone applications, plugins such as CRM, payment portals, shopping cart, etc are must for a website to function properly. Many times, the use of these apps and plugins may lead to bugs and integration issues.We make sure that all the apps or plugins get integrated with your website not only without disturbing its proper functioning but also load faster for consumer’s pleasant experience.

Multichannel retailing

We make sure that your online operations reach across all publicity channels that will help you achieve sales and growth.

So, try our Web Designing Services in Patna to give your website an overall perfection in whatever visual format you need and to give your online hub a worldwide exposure.

Responsive Website or Web Design

Web browsing through mobile devices like laptop, iPads, mobiles, etc is trending globally as people like to carry around with them. Hence it is a must that your website works on these devices the same way it does on PCs. This is possible with the help of a responsive website.

A responsive website is an outlook to web design to optimize the layout with all required details and give a perfect view on a variety of devices, windows or screen sizes. This enhances the user experience and helps in increasing customer reach and conversion rates.

Static King is one of the best responsive design service companies in the world. We make your company reach your audience. Our expert team comprises of talented web design and digital marketing professionals that take every project as a challenge with increasing interest and enthusiasm as if it is the first one. We create an open, trustworthy environment and discuss online experience with the client to make them comfortable in sharing their views.

After spending years in designing, our good mix of designers can handle multiple problems or issues with their excellent resources which let them implement effective strategies and meet client goals. Keeping in mind your requirements, we implement responsive web design features to prepare trending, beautiful and engaging sites across numerous platforms which help customers and their business. We also ensure to include the essential features such as navigation, columns, clear readability, etc, web tools and fresh and relevant content required to grow for your business.

Our team of dedicated designers has expertise in modifying your website and make it responsive website. Our design services are economical and always proven the best by our customers.

Why only we?

A website that is optimized for a single device and browser is not enough to reach a good number of audience as compared to the one having user experience across all internet-enabled devices. We help you reach your clients by converting your existing website to the one that delivers the same outstanding user interface and user experience across all internet-enabled devices.

We are Safe

We make sure that you do not lose any data or any of your content while upgrading or expanding your online presence.

We evolve your business

With us, your worries of having your information, services, and products at internet users’ fingertips fade away. We make sure your content delivery, online marketing, digital communications, and e-commerce strategies evolve along with mobile web technology.

When you need a Responsive website?

A responsive website works best for those businesses having an audience that browse their sites from smart-phones, iPads and Android devices. To know whether you need to have a responsive website, check your site usage patterns in Browser and OS report of your site’s Google Analytics account.

We believe in long term and healthy relationships with our clients. Static King, A unit of king digital has a long list of happy and satisfied customers who love to work with us again and again.

Try our services and enjoy a remarkable experience of creating a brand and increase in your company’s business.

Adaptive Website or web design (AWD)

With changes in users’ preference of mobiles over PC’s, the digital world has evolved drastically. This change brought many new challenges for web designers. The major one was how to display the same web page on different sized devices?

Adaptive Web design was introduced to overcome this size problem. It helps in promoting more than one version of a web page to fit the user’s device according to the width at specific points. Or can say it creates different pages for different devices. The adaptive design works on breakpoints using a static layout.

Advantages of Adaptive web design

  • Faster page-loading -To adapt a page once it is loaded, the auto-detect will adjust it according to the screen size to display the appropriate content. So whenever you will visit the website on your mobile, the site will automatically detect and display the best layout of a mobile screen. This will also lead to faster page loading.
  • Good Conversion rate -Adaptive web design also leads to the optimized user experience. An intuitive design as per user requirement convinces a user to revisit and ultimately, result in good conversion rate.
  • Works well on low-end devices -If you have used across the world then it is much for your website to look good and function properly even on low-end devices. Adaptive web design does this task quite efficiently.
  • Improves visibility -It also provides an easily navigable website and as per Google Google-compliant, that helps in increasing the website’s visibility.

Adaptive web design can be done either way using a single URL (Dynamic Serving), or with mobile-specific URLs, such as m-dot or dot-mobi. In both server-side devices, detection is utilized allowing the web server to verify what information should be sent to the requesting device.

All news channels like CNN have chosen adaptive web design due to its fast page loading feature and allow readers to view the site on different pages. It was reported that the speed of Amazon access on mobiles increased by 40% after implementing Adaptive web design

Adaptive web design having unique features can be useful almost in every industry. For example- for a retail shop such as home appliances, Adaptive web design can allow customers to locate the nearest store and allow them to access real-time store inventory and details about the aisle location of products. Likewise, for a Hotel group, this feature allows users to book rooms through location services based on GPS data from their phones. A user can also find a hotel nearby, check reservations and view current deals offered by the different hotel.

Why Static King?

Our adaptive design allows you to choose the best adaptive method which provides the desired outcome. It’s all because the technology we use to let the brand detect the specific equipment keeping in mind the operating system and screen size. We ensure that your mobile devices are detected and served a different version of the website which is lighter and faster than its desktop counterpart making browsing and shopping experience of customer a pleasant one. This helps in maximizing revenues too.

Avail our exclusive services to enhance your business by achieving revenue goals, increased visibility and brand building.

User Experience Design

The digital world has become complex with new advancements in technology. Various methods of online marketing have joined the plethora aiming at one old question. How to enhance your website? How to increase traffic? These are the questions running in mind of every online businessman.

User Experience Design also known as UX is a process of creating products that provide relevant experience to users. The entire process includes acquiring and integrating the product, including aspects of branding, design, usability, and functioning.

We are Static king, a premium user experience design company offering our best services amongst many players in this industry.

Why Static King?

We leave no corners unturned in helping clients to achieve their goals. We can turn any idea of whether web or app into reality. Our highly qualified designers clearly understand the future demand for UX design of mobile and web applications.

Our team of visual designers, programmers, psychology and interaction designers can perform any task including user research, creating personas, designing wireframes and interactive prototypes as well as testing designs depending on the requirement of business. For example, for an existing system, our team will evaluate its current state, report issues and will suggest the best measures to improve it. If required, our team also compare the effectiveness and quality of experience of different user interfaces to know about the website status. We also follow an in-depth study pattern for your product such as going through components of the sub-system and observing how easy and user-friendly is the experience of users while filling the details in a web form or to check if any inconvenience is faced by the user in the process of buying and selling on a website. We create quality brands by creating a memorable online experience.

When you need UX?

Spending a lot on complete multi-member UX study for a simple static website is worthless. Systems involving large number of users must be efficient and effective. Website having many features, interactive web applications and e-commerce websites benefit a lot from UX design.

One size does not fit all

Same UX design does not go with another website. It varies between different websites. Also, different designing keeping in mind client goals, values, production procedure, and the website’s products are must point to be considered.

Invest to get results

Investing with us will yield great success in achieving your business and revenue goals. Small changes on your website by our experts can yield good profits to you and your business. For example, by making the checkout process easier, you can increase your revenue at quite a good pace.

We, Static King, have proven to be the backbone of many world-renowned organizations and brands in meeting their business goals. Our strategic, creative and technical method of working has helped us in creating a loyal clientele. In short, we are a one-stop shop for all your UX problems and designing.

Avail our services and witness our talent to the world.

User Interface Design

User Interface Design also known as UI refers to the visual layout of the elements of a product or experiences that a user might interact within a website, or a technological product. It can be control panels, faces or visual layout of a web page. It is used for products and services that require interaction from the user. The interface is a point of interaction between the user and the hardware or software that is being used. Usually, UI refers to graphical user interface but it includes other interfaces like voice controlled, gesture-based ones, etc.

We at Static King focus on maximizing efficiency and responsiveness to provide a good user experience. For our team, UI is a series of screens, pages, and visual elements that the user sees — like buttons and icons — that is used to interact with a device or product. We understand the end result should be simple and efficient interaction with a user and believe in delivering a product or experience that allow a user to complete their task without any extra screen, step, or button that will make things easier for them.

Why choose Static King?

We help in building an identity for your website. Interfaces created by our talented experts are not only creative, attractive or engaging but are usable too. Our practical approach towards work makes us understand that the user is not interacting with a device but are trying to achieve their goals in an easy manner. Interfaces created by us bridge the flow of application and user application. So instead of collecting icons on the screen, we try to make a managed interface by providing gateway which will direct them to their desired page.

UI design must be user-friendly as the too complex design may not let the user find the desired information or service which definitely will be a loss in terms of conversion rates. Hence layout of user interface design should be clear keeping in mind usability and user experience of an application.

Optimizing interface

We believe that user interface design should be simple and easy to understand which will help users to navigate around a website easily. Optimization of user interface designs is must for a user to access an application or website at a faster pace. Our experts use usability testing to check the level of user interface design that will help in optimizing the UI design of the final product.

We Static King, leaders in creating User Interface design work by improving the usability and easy accessibility of a website or application by designing the most effective and simple UI design to make user’s experience enjoyable and pleasant providing the pleasant interaction between client and product or service. We also keep an important aspect in mind while working i.e. loyalty.

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable User interface design company, then your search ends here. Try our services and join our long list of happy and satisfied clientele.

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Our highly skilled team of professional Web Designers, and Web Developer work together that will get your company noticed in whatever visual format you need. Be it a bespoke brochure or sophisticated website, we will maximise your potential and achieve an impressive return on your investment.

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