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Our custom-built android applications are specifically designed with flexible user interfaces that are perfect for different devices, screen resolutions,
and sizes as well.

iPhone and Android Mobile
application development

See your vision turning into reality with us. We are the leaders in developing the best iPhone and Android application. We are Mobile apps Development Company in Patna.

Mobile is Ubiquitous. It has become an important part of every age-group. It is estimated that 60% of users prefer mobile over websites. From entertainment to studying and shopping, even the businesses have not left untouched with its magic. Getting in touch with your client on the phone is a necessity. Even the websites now are mobile-friendly.

The need for a Mobile app

Apps are trending in every industry. Even other devices like television or cameras use an app to enhance their service quality. Photo-editing is one such app used in cameras a lot to make you any changes in your photo.

If your business is client-centred one, then having a mobile app can prove to be an add-on over your competitors. To continue the smooth working of a mobile app and to keep your clients, you need to have a good mobile app developer that offers cross-platform mobile app services. An increasing use of mobiles has forced many businesses to have a mobile app for their businesses. In fact, any good brand or website today is having their app on Google Play store or iPhone app store. Although most of the apps are free but to get more promotion, brands also reward their customer for downloading and using their app. This makes a healthy and long-term relationship between buyer and seller.

Apps help in getting immediate feedback from clients. Mobile apps also allow you to map customer behaviour, collect data and know market trends. Apps also contain ads from different parties to promote their brand which is definitely a strong step in generating revenue and getting brand publicity. This has brought many online users to switch to app-mode only. Being bug-free, these apps are most trusted source than browsing websites.

We create user-friendly apps that are client-engaging and leads to good conversion rates. This will help you to keep in touch with your clients and perform more targeted marketing. A right app will take your message to the customer directly which is definitely a good sign for your business.

Why we are the best Mobile apps development company in Patna?

Our highly skilled designers and developers build high-quality iPhone and Android mobile applications that can be easily deployed at quite affordable prices. Spending a long time in this industry, we have gained the trust of a large number of clients from different verticals including real estate, health, and wellness, transportation, tours, and travels, etc.

To help you in creating a good customer-base, we offer some rewards to convince the client to download the mobile app from their phone’s store. Our apps are designed keeping in mind the latest technology and international standards. We perform testing before delivering the product to our clients.

We believe in maintaining transparency and take clients with us in every step. Methods used by us are clean and ethical. We provide continuous support and maintenance to our clients for the smooth functioning of an app in the long-term. Our app designs are creative and dynamic that keeps the customers engaged and prompts them to surf more. In short, our business-driven and economical approach that suit the need of every enterprise as per their needs. Our experience and knowledge in digital marketing trends can help us to serve you better.

So whether you are a start-up or new to the online world, we understand your requirements and create which is best for you. Join us to build a client-centred, mobile app for your online store.

Android app Development

We are the best mobile development company in Patna providing successful mobile apps to businesses in almost every industry.

Needless to say, having millions of users, Android stand out to be one of the most preferred platforms for mobile app development which if used well, can bring drastic change to your businesses.

Benefits of Android App Development

Open source mobile operating system- Android is an open source solution for mobile devices that offers operating system, middle ware, and key mobile applications. With this, you can interact with the community for any kind of updates of android mobile application development. It is quite attractive for handset manufacturers and wireless operators that makes the development of android based phones faster and gives a good business to the developer.

Integration- Android platform is easily customizable. You can integrate and make changes as per your business requirements.

Multiple Sales Channel- You can deploy the Android in different ways. You can use third-party applications; form your own distribution and sales channels to develop your new application stores. You build, publish and promote your website as per the strategy created by you.

Easy Adoption and transition- Anyone can build applications with the help of Java. It is easy to adopt and script code for mobile applications in the Android OS.

High Visibility and brand awareness- Extensive use of Android app across the globe is enough to generate high visibility of your brand and generating brand awareness.

Why we are the preferred choice of our customers?

Our custom-built mobile apps are designed with a flexible user interface that is perfect for different devices, screen solutions, and sizes. Be it gaming, lifestyle, fashion, consumer goods or any other industry, we have gained the trust of thousands of our customers with 100% satisfaction. We lay importance to creativity and your needs in developing the best app for you. Functional and irresistible features used by us are user-friendly and attractive.

Application Framework- We with our experts follow every possible way to reduce the chances of general issues during the development process. We use COCOA touch, Cocoa controls and Cocos2D, Native SDK for building software, create latest games in 2d and Native SDK for building Android applications.

Optimized Graphics- We use this key feature to optimize the file size and quality of GIF’s, JPEG and PNG’s to varying degrees.

Dalvik Virtual machine- Dalvik Virtual Machine is a software stack that executes applications written for Android platform. We use this to optimize the battery life, memory and performance.

AQLite- For monitoring and tracking fitness-related metrics such as distance walked or run, calorie consumption or heartbeat or quality of sleep, we use our custom-build device AQLite.

Media Support- Our experts can manage and enhance your marketing efforts from creating websites to marketing.

Integrated Browser- We with our experts uses best-integrated browser feature preview your HTML documents or browse the web.

Our team also enhance your website look and features by applying new themes with unique wallpapers, fonts, emojis, etc, exclusive widgets to make your screen look beautiful and unique animation effects that can be applied to text, pictures, etc. In order to make our clients get the benefits of latest features like Siri, iMessage, 3D touch and many more, we use the latest versions iOS mobile operating systems like iOS 10, iOS 9 and iOS 8. We use the best, fastest and safest programming languages like Objective C and Swift. Our development tool XCODE allows developers to create, debug, maintain or support other apps and programs.

Our highly-skilled professionals are well updated with technological trends and know the platforms Java and Android SDK from the core. We also use interactive UI/UX and many more mutations that make the app more client-engaging and prompt them to visit again and again.

We customize the platform as per your requirements that reflect your brand. We create apps for all types of business, from start-ups to enterprise. We conduct thorough research before recommending solutions. Professional app development companies can use this powerful tool to create and enhance brand awareness.

So get in touch with the best Android app development company- Mobile apps Development Company in Patna to have a unique, user-engaging and innovative app for your business.

iOS App Development

Join the league to witness the best services provided by one of the most trusted iOS app Development Company- Mobile apps development company in Patna. Our rapier-like strategy and in-house talent cover the whole process from conceptualization to distribution. End products cover the complete range of OS devices, including iPad, Apple TV, watchOS and iPhone app development.

iOS are known as iPhone OS is the most commonly used mobile operating system after Android across the globe. It is created and developed especially for its hardware by Apple. It provides powers the iPhone as well as iPod Touch and iPad.

Benefits of iOS app development


iPhone users get a high-end security layer for protecting their sensitive data against malware, virus and other threats. Security against data duplication, data encryption, and data thefts are other add-ons that an iPhone user gets. iPhone app development also takes care of data privacy, user identity and app data in the cloud.

Impeccable customer experience

iPhone app development ensures every app downloaded by users should function smoothly. The high-end standard of hardware, customer support, and unbeatable software functions makes a happy iPhone users’ clientele.

Expand your business globally

Most developed nations like the US, the UK, and Europe mostly use iOS-powered devices. This can prove to be a great opportunity for businesses looking to expand globally.

Higher ROI

By using iOS-powered devices, you can expand their targeted client’s reach in most developed nations across the globe leading your brand towards success. This, as a result helps in reaping maximum returns on your investments.

Appealing icons

Icons of iOS-powered devices are more appealing than the ones in Android. They are designed dynamically enough to attract more traffic. Even a few apps show notifications even without logging in. This can help your business to reach and communicate efficiently with targeted clients.

Brand value

Needless to say, Apple is one of the most trusted brands whose applications are thoroughly tested before becoming available for download. It makes it a perfect and trustworthy source that drives more customers to trust a business app.

User Interface

The user of iOS-powered devices is fully satisfied and accustomed to the Apple device’s environment which makes it easy for businesses to boost their sales at a quite good pace.

Transactional safety

To ensure the safety of transactions, iOS apps are developed with secured features that make sure that the transaction is encrypted completely.

Why we are the best choice of our customers?

Whether you are a start-up or a successful company in need to grow and expand, you are at the right place.

We, Mobile Application Development Company in Patna have been in this industry for a quite long time. Our experience has made us capable of understanding you and your requirements in an efficient manner. Our highly skilled team is well-trained to develop unique and user-engaging iOS app that is perfect for every business. To follow this hierarchy, we follow a systematic pattern which includes research, planning and implementing. Research includes an in-depth study of your business and its requirements. We look for the most reliable and successful model of iOS app for your business that keeps you ahead of your competitors. Apps created by us are attractive and engaging enough to drive more heavy traffic to enhance your business. Be it any business domain like real estate, dating, e-commerce or any industry, we are dedicated to creating functional and irresistible apps which are user-friendly.

Apple TV apps created by our experts let you browse content from over 60 video services without switching from one app to another.

It is not all! We not only just say that we are your partners in expanding your business. We mean it too. After delivering your product on-time we also take responsibility for maintaining and updating your app with the latest technology.

Positive feedback from happy and satisfied clients is the real motivation that makes us different from other competitors. Working with several brands from different countries has helped us form a loyal clientele that would love to work with us again and again.

Contact us to convert your imagination into the best app created for your business by the best iPhone and Android Mobile Application Company in Patna.

Benefits of Mobile app for your Business

Mobile phones have become a necessity for every age-group. Not only for entertainment, but mobiles are also used for educational, advertising, shopping, finding routes and many more things. As it is estimated 60% of people prefer mobile over websites. Every successful website is mobile-friendly these days. It has become a necessity to have a consumer-centred mobile app for businesses looking to grow and expand online. A neat and user-friendly app increases customer engagement and online conversion.

Use of mobile apps is not restricted to mobiles, but devices like televisions, cameras, etc use apps to enhance their services such as picture quality, games, etc

Every good brand or website must have an app in Google play or in the iPhone app store which are one of the most trusted downloading stores. Most apps are free and some brands even reward their customers for downloading the apps. This rewarding and downloading system creates a relationship with the client and ensures that he will be informed about all promotional campaigns run by the brand in the future. This definitely helps in increasing more traffic.

Instant connectivity

A mobile app is a cool way to analyze customer‘s behaviour, gather data and amend the products based on customer’s feedbacks and requirements. Mobile apps let user comment or give feedback instantly and entrepreneur can see it the same time.

Promotional Tool

Mobile apps are one of the best tools for cross-platform promotion. Apps provide an effective and efficient platform for peer-to-peer advertisements and for ads from other parties which are a good source of promotion and revenues.

Efficient in generating revenues

As mobile apps are more efficient in generating revenues as compared to websites, more and more online businesses have switched to mobile-app mode.

Safe to download

Mobile apps are safe and virus-proof to download as compared to downloading from websites.

Why we are the best mobile app development company?

Mobile app Development Company in Patna is one of the best app development companies that have served many brands in different languages.

Compromising on quality is not in our nature. We follow international standards to design your app that keeps it well-updated with latest functions and features. We test the app thoroughly for a hassle-free launch before delivering it to you.

Apps created by us adopt multiple operating systems and app development platforms, cross platforms and devices. We ensure that you get engaged with your customer in the best possible manner providing them the best services and a pleasurable shopping experience ensuring customer retention and loyalty.

We make sure that your brand appears fresh on the mobile app that will attract more customers and prompt them to visit again and again. Our team of experts equips apps with dynamic features that can be used to record customer data that may not be done by a website.

We update old apps too. Whether you are a start-up or an established website in need to have a mobile app, we are the best option you can choose. Try our services and make us the reason for your online business expansion.

100% Responsive Design
Responsive Web Design makes your web page look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones).
Fully Customisable
No Limit of Customisation, You can customise your pages according to your needs.
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Website will be SEO friendly so that Search Easly catch your Website. Free Submission on Google,Yahoo,Bing
Free Basic SEO
All pages comes with seo friendly Title, Meta, Description and Google Web Master Verification.
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You will also get Free Basic Logo Design with every website (Advance Logo Design Available on Extra Cost )
Free Support
Free Ongoing support with every services, with 3 support option Phone, Ticket Support, Email Support.
Android App Development at its best
Our Custom-built android applications are specifically designed with flexible user interfaces that are perfect for different devices, screen resolutions, and sizes

Expert Consultation

Engage yourself with our experts for best business consultation. We can also help you avail the best and reasonable plans according to your requirements. For more information please contact us.

Focused Design Strategy

Insight, innovation, ideation, execution etc are some of the best design tools which keep us focused on our work.

Solution-Based Approach

Customer’s goal is our goal. We with the help of our expert team, go through all the information provided to us keeping in mind the customer’s requirement.

Android App Development

We with the help of our professionals use different languages using JAVA, C++ to develop Android Apps.

Android App Testing

Say good bye to inefficient testing by reducing resources and maximizing results. Ensure the functionality of your mobile application on different systems. 

Android Web-based Apps

Our custom built Android Web-based apps are specifically designed with latest features and are user-friendly.

MORE Features
From creating website to marketing, our experts can develop and
manage your marketing efforts.

Application Framework

An application framework acts as the skeletal support to build an application. We with our experts make every effort to lessen the general issues faced during the development of applications.

Dalvik Virtual machine

We with our expert team makes use of this feature to optimize the battery life, memory and performance.

Integrated Browser

We with our professional make use of this cool integrated browser feature to preview your HTML documents or browse the web.

Optimized Graphics

We use it as a key to fast web page display. Our team use this feature to optimize the file size and quality of GIFs, JPEGs, and PNGs to varying degrees.


Our custom built device or application for monitoring and tracking fitness-related metrics such as distance walked or run, calorie consumption, and in some cases heartbeat and quality of sleep.

Media Support

From creating website to marketing, our experts can develop and manage your marketing efforts.


Our team at Static King offers several animation effects that can be applied to text, pictures and other content. Please contact us to know more.

New Themes

Our Custom-built android applications have new themes with unique wallpapers, fonts, emojis etc .please contact us to know more.

Modern Widgets

Our custom-built android applications have gorgeous widgets to pretty home screen. To try them out, please contact us.

Custom Animation

Our team at Static King offers several animation effects that can be applied to text, pictures and other content. Please contact us to know more.

TOOLS & Technologies
We use programming languages like Objective C, Swift which are fast, safe,
modern, and enable a level of interactivity in development.


We use COCOA touch, Cocoa Controls, Cocoa Touch, and Cocos2D, Native SDK for building software, making latest games in 2d and Native SDK for building Android applications.


We use the latest versions of platforms like macOS Sierra, MAC OS Maverick, Yosemite to get the latest security and compatibility enhancements.


We use latest versions iOS mobile operating systems like iOS 10, iOS 9, and iOS 8 so our customers can avail benefits of latest features of like iMessage, Siri, Photos, 3D Touch, and the lock screen as welcome changes.


We use programming languages like Objective C, Swift which are fast, safe, modern, and enable a level of interactivity in development.

Development Tools

We use the best development tool XCODE, which our software developers use to create, debug, maintain, or otherwise support other programs and applications.

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