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IVR is one of the best technologies which has automated the service world and also has benefited various users. IVR is also known as interactive voice request, which has certain set of features n it making it one of the most popular services.

Recording calls

IVR system provider allows its users to record encrypt and store the data for security purposes. Such data can be further accessed by the company for increasing business efficiency and also to measure it.


The smart IVR provider has one of the most interesting features, which allows users develop a conference system. This is further backed with cloud telephony platform, which is useful for running multiple conferences on a single incoming number.

Maintains Call Logs

For every call which is received by the customer or an agent, it can be recorded with the help of a smart IVR provider. The call log so maintained contains call start time, duration and other parameters which are important for studying customer behavior. These call logs can be easily extracted with the help of API, and can then be integrated with other apps to gather sufficient information and use it to take informed decision.

Call Queue

IVR is sufficient in managing incoming calls, and diverting them on the right number. Moreover customers can also experience customized call waiting experience and also get real time statistics of the data.

Integration With API

The smart IVRs have a group of APIs which are quite user friendly and can be sufficiently used by customers for different purposes. Such APIs are used for forwarding records into CRM, retrieving incoming numbers at the time of calls and also changing call distribution.

Distribution of Calls

With the help of IVR, calls can be transferred sequentially, parallel or in the round robin manner. Further, logics can be set on the call distribution system based on geography, call timings and also caller ID.

Recognition of Speech

With ASR, one can easily capture caller inputs from the speech and key inputs. With the use of ASR, IVR waiting time can be considerably reduced as customers are given the chance of choosing desired option.

Convert Text to Speech

With the use of this IVR automated system, users are notified about the callers by their names and also their messages are read out with intervention of any human. With this IVR feature, personalized touch can be given to all the communications undertaken during business calls.