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With the coming of digital breakthroughs like sms services, social media and search engine optimization, one might think that email marketing is on the verge of dying out. It is completely wrong to outcast email advertising so soon. It is very much alive in business and most profitable way of marketing.

Email marketing presents better business opportunities and helps in creating a deeper understanding to a wide number of audiences. Here are the top reasons for creating your own email marketing solutions for business.

Email marketing is targeted and involves lesser amount of efforts. Gone are the days when you advertise on television and cable with no control over your viewers. With email marketing, you have the ability to control over who exactly gets your email through lead status, contacts and locations. It is easy to customize your email for every customer, who receives content suited to their needs, resulting in better conversion rate.

With the help of a dedicated mail server, brand awareness is increased. Consumers are exposed to your business and brand name. With strategic planning, your business is capable of building value over a period of time. When a customer needs a product or service, you have a better chance of turning leads into consumers.

Email marketing is easily shareable with a simple click. Subscribers can share your deals and offers with their friends and family which only results to the exposure of your brand and increasing its credibility.

The success rate of email marketing is measurable. Analytics play important role in measuring the success of any campaign. Email marketing solutions draw precise metrics including delivery rates and number of subscribers. The data results are an insight into your customer’s interest. Email marketing is an important tool to monitor information consumers are most responsive to. You can further use this data to target marketing strategies for more successful campaigns.

The best thing about email marketing is its cost-effective nature and affordability. You do not need to spend money on prints, postage and other advertising mediums.

In today’s digital world, email marketing seems to take a backseat. But if haven’t considered using this marketing technique already, you should do it now! With proper strategic planning and guidance, it is sure to get benefit for your business. Email marketing is truly effective and credible tool overlooked by many. Email marketing is a must, for better return on investment.