How to Boost Website Traffic with Bulk SMS Services

Everyone associated with the digital marketing fraternity knows  what a vital role SMS Marketing plays in a promotional campaigns for various online businesses. Promotional and Transactional SMS also play as another web marketing tool just like  SEO, online networking, link building, etc.


Bulk SMS reseller helps various online businesses to get success, no matter what scale of business it is. Though Bulk SMS advertising like promotional and transactional SMS has not been developed much in our country, but it will be an important tool of advertising and marketing in near future. A large number of Bulk SMS Service providers and Bulk SMS reseller are coming ahead in India who promise to help you in growing your business many folds in a short span of time. Reaching out a large number of audience with a single click through their mobile phones is a cost- efficient way. Apart from this there are many other major advantages of choosing Bulk SMS services for your business.


It enables you to target a specific group of audience best suited for your business. This audience can be segregated on the bases of age, gender, location, etc and hence decrease chances of waste of SMS and increases the conversion rates. It is affordable and many Bulk SMS provider promise to provide the cheapest rates possible but we suggest you to do a bit of research and find a credible and reliable provider for the services.


You should be precise and straight about the content you are sending in the SMS, try to convert the link of your website in a or short link to keep the characters less and use those characters in the SMS message. People tend to read short SMS with more interest and ignore the longer ones.You can share the teasers of the deals mentioned on your website and pursue the audience to click the link and visit your website for complete details. We all like discounts and special offers, so it is a tried and tested way of getting traffic on your website.

Voice Call – How It Supports You in Publicizing Your Business

As you know technology keeps changing and it gets better with the latest one so marketing strategy keeps changing from time to time. The business owners like you are always in search of beneficial and innovative ideas to communicate with your existing and probable customers.

Voice call is one of the most effective and latest developments in technology towards client contact modality. It has given much better results in customer care, collections, Tele shopping, Tele marketing, Tele communications and such others. Over the time, you, the business owners, have tried several new unique ideas like Tele Marketing or Bulk Rate Postal Mailing hoping to get publicity for your own business, but these methods got fail to create high impact on the market and left most of you to look for other alternatives.

And voice broadcasting service is the one that has revolutionized the entire marketing and advertizing world. With fast outpacing mode of contact, it is used to incorporate in all the applicable fields. The cost charged is the factor that has contributed it to be highly cost-effective promotional tool.

How it works

As a unique way to address a large number of people, the voice call makes the use of automated personalize message. It is handled by a computerized program that consists of a prerecorded voice message, database of targeted people and contact numbers. Being very popular in the corporate world, it allows you to reach to maximum number of customers and perhaps the best marketing tool in today’s world. You can use this automated voice call service for product launch, brand promotion, introduction of a new service and general elections.

As an educationist, you can use voice broadcasting service to get communicated with the students of your institutes, parents and the staff. Through this, you can provide alerts, instructions and other allied information to all who are connected to your educational institute and your education service gets publicized.


It’s a brand new and simple technology to send a pre-recorded voicemail to many receipts in a single go in a relatively small time. Like other promotional software this voice call service also aids in advertisement, hoarding and promotion at a larger go. It is for community and commercial purpose.

Why can voice calls be opted

This feature not only facilitates the contacts but also records the phone messages. It has the ability to target the specified customers too. It includes customers, subscribers, employees etc by the voice call provider.

The system of voice broadcasting is very interactive. It enables the users to listen to the message or the instruction and press the appropriate option by pressing options on the keypad. The system is greatly designed and it assists the customers or those who ever is using it to seek the appropriate help.

Advantages of using this medium

This medium is gaining a lot of momentum in the recent days and the basic customer care service works on this platform itself. Many such benefits can be observed, few are listed:

Helps in the purpose of advertising and hoarding at a large scale.

Actions can be identified which includes the conduction of surveys, contact confirmation, information confirmation, identity confirmation, address confirmation.

Promotes schemes and offers at an easier and fast pace to the targeted group of customers.

Low marketing and production cost and superior service.

Voice call providers come up every now and then with different offers to feasible customers.

Why to proceed ahead for this facility

This is a process of direct marketing at a large scale. Further the call rates are quite low and the facility of call recording makes it of a greater advantage.  Many sectors like the insurance, network operators, health care, government schemes, banking facilities are flourishing and this service provides an upper hand in their promotion and advancement.

Growing popularity in today’s era

Many people are getting involved in this service as it is being a soaring demand among the common people. Speedy remedy and solutions to problems, advertisements and delivery of after sale service at a large scale is making it popular. Non profit organiasations are also seeking its help for promotion. There is the facility of interactive voice call back option too provided by some of the voice broadcasting service providers. This multi faceted voice broadcasting service is of great use to every individual in the country as a whole.


How Voice broadcasting services Can Help You to Grow Your Business?

Are you interested to invest for a growing business deal? If yes, you are at the right place. Voice broadcasting service is the best effective, highly efficient and quickest way to connect with your customers and represent your services before hundreds of people just within a few minutes. Who will not love to enjoy the modern technology that ensures delivery of the best sales pitch to relevant stakeholders? In this way, people who will receive messages from you will be more likely to purchase what you sell. Check out the list of advantages that you can have through voice broadcasting –

Reliable mass marketing tool

You can trust upon voice broadcasting as a reliable mass marketing tool for generating awareness about your product or service. This is how, you can not only earn trust of your existing customers but also gain new customers. Sending information alerts for upcoming products, instant notification about special events and seasonal discount information through voice messages will help you to grow repeat business deals.

Upload your contacts

You are allowed to upload the contacts of your customers in the system. This list will help you to set your pre recorded and personalized messages to your customers at particular time. the message can be forwarded to your thousands of customers just through a single click and you can choose sending your messages after certain intervals too; for instance, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or daily.

Continue your business without internet

Is it your case that you cannot walk even a bit for promoting your products and services without internet connection? Well, this doesn’t happen in case of the voice broadcasting services. you can ensure sending promotional messages to your customers even when internet is out of your reach. This kind of service helps you with event invitations, service notifications, appointing reminders etc.

Simple setup

Many people feel hesitated to invest in the voice call broadcasting service because they thing that it has a complicated setup. Well, you should know that voice message broadcasting service has a simple setup and you can send thousands of messages even without touching your phone. Also, you are free to create your own message in multiple languages and upload it with quick scheduling. In this way, launching your automated voice message campaign within a few minutes is possible now.

So, are you ready to add this excellent mass marketing service in your promotional campaign now?