Transactional Bulk SMS Service: Lower The Cost Bigger The Benefits

transactionalHave you noticed all those SMSs with contact numbers flashing on phone, especially for coaching centres, banks, colleges, etc. Well, yes, you might have noticed by did not pay any attention to it because, you did not bother to know about those. And the reason being, those were of no use to you.

But since you have stepped in the industry, you can fairly recognise the use and thought of incorporating it in your business to achieve better outputs.

Well, this is a great idea, but before that, you will have to learn what transactional SMS is and what the guidelines are for using the Transactional bulk SMS services.

What transactional SMS stands for?

Well, like any other messaging system, the transactional SMS is also the Short Message Service, which revolves around sending a SIX CHARACTER SENDER ID. These messages, apart the promotional ones are only for contact sharing and referred as service message. Those who want to use the Bulk SMS service for Transaction SMS, they should learn the know-how.

What are the benefits of using the transactional message for business?

It has precise ID.

The message is deliverable over DND and Non-DND numbers.

The message works in the prohibited area of Jammu & Kashmir as well.

The working of the message is 24/7.

The message is never delayed. It is transferred in just a few microseconds.

What are guidelines to be followed if signing up a contract with transactional service?

There are no harsh rules though, yet there are certain guidelines, which the user must know before hiring the Transactional SMS services. For example, the main and important one is that the message is a service message and its identity should not be forged as promotional. Also, as these guidelines may vary from service provider to service provider, you must know the rules from the company, you are associating with.

Is there any statutory precaution to be followed while sending transactional SMS?

Well, there are no such hard and fast deals, but yes, if you are sending messages, you must keep track of the record. Any time, you may require showing up the database.

What are the most common places, these messages are used?

For bank notification

For the OTP and password

For order confirmation

For updating the shipping details

For the cancellation of train and air tickets


Bulk SMS Service – An essential key to stand in the competitive market

smsTo survive in the competitive market, most of you (businesspersons) look for different distinct strategies. And advertizing is one of those strategies. As every one of you is in tough competition to reach maximum customers soon so you need to avail the quick and cost-effective means of advertizing. With the rise in the number of mobile users, SMS marketing is the significant way to reach maximum number of customers.

Advertise your business

With the support of bulk SMS service in Bangalore, you can send short messages in bulk to the people and advertize your products or services. Such a marketing service tactic has proved to be effective, as it has helped most of you to bring significant increase productivity and in the sale. You can have higher response by applying this process as the number of mobile users is increasing day by day. So, it has become easier to reach maximum people in a short period.

In today’s business world, most of you need to have an interface without answer from the customers’ end. You know constant interaction with your customers leads you to have successful operation and reap maximum profits. The bulk SMS service provider company in Bangalore offer short message service that is cheaper, fast and secure. To make sure of the delivery, the SMS Company in Bangalore uses SMS software. Most of the firms offering SMS service uses this software, as it is easy to use and keeps record of accomplishment of employees, customers and RIO in just a click.

How it works

You know every work of the bulk SMS service has become easier with the advancement of technologies. It has happened due to the Internet that plays a vital role in connecting people. In addition, such a firm offers Bulk SMS gateway that is very useful to be connected and make the presence in the market. It is generally done with the support of the feed of phone number in bulk and short messages. The message consists of the information services being provided, the products being launched or events that are about to hold is delivered to the customers.

Are Bulk SMS Marketing through Static King Beneficial?

Bulk SMS have taken communication to an all new level. Staticking is one of the largest SMS service provider in Patna, India. It provides various options to stay in touch with your clients. Bulk SMS service can easily reach your clients without spending much money. This concept has become very popular in India as it not only helps in the promotion of any type of business but also helps to promote mass consciousness about the company. Staticking is running its own online software for providing this service. The tools used by their website is very user friendly. Their server is very swift and can tackle heavy loads and traffic. It assures you with 100 percent SMS delivery. Here are few benefits of promoting your business with Bulk SMS Companies :

It helps you to keep in touch with customers

The first and foremost benefit of promoting your business with Bulk SMS Companies is that it helps you to keep in touch with your customers. If you have customer’s information then use it to its full advantage. Inform them about the new products or about any offer in your company. Keep them aware of all the current information of your business enterprise. This is a great way to do so. This can make your marketing promotion very effective. If you have a special event or promotion let your customers know about it. Bulk SMS Service can also save your money and effort.

It fits your budget and user friendly

It is much more cheaper than other advertisement tool. It easily fits your budget even if you are running out of budget. It is very user friendly and easy to use, you need to give no extra time in understanding the process of sending SMS. Only you have to write the message you want to send to your customers. Once your clients get to know about any valuable offers they would spread it with their friends and family which will help in the spreading of your business.

Personal contact

Every message which is sent on the mobile phones are usually read by the users only. It is an extremely personal mode of contact which will help you to establish a direct contact with your customers. This mode of communication can reach out your customer whenever you want and your customers can also contact you without any delay. It enables easier communication with a single message you can reach out to the entire customer base. It saves a lot of time and energy.


In view of the fact that a particular message cannot be sent to a particular person at a certain instance, so the bulk SMS option has proved to be a boon in itself. Bulk SMS encompass of a great utility. It can be used anywhere for the distribution of information to the large number of people. It proves an immense tool in promotion.

As the main aspect of it is that at the same time information is spread to a large number of masses within the similar time period and has become a very popular form of communication these days. Bulk SMS service is very quick and is not at all time consuming as to those of other communication forms.

As at the present bulk SMS has turned out to meet the requirements of people. The Promotional bulk SMS in Jaipur is the trend. As whether it is a small or large organization, it makes use of the bulk SMS service for its expansion and growth. If any sort of communication is required to be made in any activity as regards of mass messaging so it can be accessible by the promotional bulk SMS provider in Jaipur.

Promotional bulk SMS in Jaipur is now onwards the main source of the marketing. It leads to increase in business as well. As, for the most part schools, hospitals, colleges, hotels, universities, restaurants, companies, food chains, call centers, financial institutions, associations and so forth all rely on the bulk SMS service for conveying their information. As every third person on an average uses its mobile in every 3 to 5 minutes. So it’s quite easy to make him aware reading an info via a message. People do come in contact with messages from it. Also, it increases the ratio of conversion. Since the service of Promotional bulk SMS in Jaipur is not costly also as it can be attained at the affordable rates as well.

Bulk SMS had developed into the generally the most vital element regarding info flow in India, countless of the SMS are sent out regularly furthermore, there are quite a lot of websites that present bulk SMS service at diverse prices. There is nothing superior to promoting of a campaign through bulk SMS and for it many of the promotional bulk SMS providers in Jaipur are available.

As the bulk messaging wants are increasing so the promotional bulk SMS provider in Jaipur are also increasing.