Responsive website design in Delhi –

Static king is a leading website design Delhi and providing the best result for our clients. We do website designing, website re-designing, web hosting and many other. The world is connected through internet technology, so it is mandatory for organisation to have interactive websites. Nowadays, more than 70% of world population is using gadgets and internet. The business organisations to have responsive websites.

What is a responsive websites?

Let me explain firstly, what the exactly responsive websites are all about. These are special websites that have the flexibility to recognize the screen resolution for any gadgets. This means that this website is reasonable size for the gadgets which we use these days. The main attribute of these websites is that they will easily fit in any screen. These offers fast browsing experience when it comes to access these through all gadgets.

How you will be benefited with these websites

These responsive websites are beneficial to your business. As per the static, bout 70% of the world population are daily user of internet and with the help of mobile, tablets, laptop and other gadgets are help to access the internet. Most of the people are using mobile to access the internet, for online shopping, then responsive templates give you the edge over your competitors. The visitors can easily access the website to place the order by using the phones.

Certain key features of our responsive web designing services:

Dimensions: – The length and breadth of the website is generally seen by the users.

Images: – Image is huge issues when it comes to display on various devices.

Content: – This mode of web design priorities content. A lot of things that the larger screen can accommodate become redundant for relatively smaller devices.

As a leading web design company in Delhi, but we believe that every business has the right to gets god website designing services at realistic rates. No, doubt Google is one of the most powerful search engines that help you to search anything over the internet. There are so many reasons why Google loves or recommend a responsive web design company in Delhi . Have a look at the following points to know about those reasons:


Quick navigation

Minimise web page loading time

You love keywords

Your design is outdated

Your website is not mobile friendly


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How Voice broadcasting services Can Help You to Grow Your Business?

Are you interested to invest for a growing business deal? If yes, you are at the right place. Voice broadcasting service is the best effective, highly efficient and quickest way to connect with your customers and represent your services before hundreds of people just within a few minutes. Who will not love to enjoy the modern technology that ensures delivery of the best sales pitch to relevant stakeholders? In this way, people who will receive messages from you will be more likely to purchase what you sell. Check out the list of advantages that you can have through voice broadcasting –

Reliable mass marketing tool

You can trust upon voice broadcasting as a reliable mass marketing tool for generating awareness about your product or service. This is how, you can not only earn trust of your existing customers but also gain new customers. Sending information alerts for upcoming products, instant notification about special events and seasonal discount information through voice messages will help you to grow repeat business deals.

Upload your contacts

You are allowed to upload the contacts of your customers in the system. This list will help you to set your pre recorded and personalized messages to your customers at particular time. the message can be forwarded to your thousands of customers just through a single click and you can choose sending your messages after certain intervals too; for instance, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or daily.

Continue your business without internet

Is it your case that you cannot walk even a bit for promoting your products and services without internet connection? Well, this doesn’t happen in case of the voice broadcasting services. you can ensure sending promotional messages to your customers even when internet is out of your reach. This kind of service helps you with event invitations, service notifications, appointing reminders etc.

Simple setup

Many people feel hesitated to invest in the voice call broadcasting service because they thing that it has a complicated setup. Well, you should know that voice message broadcasting service has a simple setup and you can send thousands of messages even without touching your phone. Also, you are free to create your own message in multiple languages and upload it with quick scheduling. In this way, launching your automated voice message campaign within a few minutes is possible now.

So, are you ready to add this excellent mass marketing service in your promotional campaign now?


How can transactional SMS service benefit the users?

Transaction SMS has gained immense popularity these days and is being used by business houses widely. Such transactional messages are being used for sending promotional messages. Such messages can be used for the purpose of promoting, marketing or developing a business idea. The entire idea of transactional messages is quite simple and can be used by people without having to go through many issues. Once these services have been availed, business house can expect to achieve benefits as discussed below.

Fast delivery 

This is one of the biggest benefits of using transaction SMS service. There occurs no delay in delivery of messages; hence urgent information can be efficiently shared with customers. Thus, it is one of the best methods to choose especially when business is looking for ways to distribute important information to their customers.

Alert tools

It has emerged as an effective tool for passing timely alerts to customers. The companies based all around the world is making use of these services and approaching transactional SMS provider to send regular and timely alerts to customers. Users have to just approach the provider, and within no time alerts are sent out based on expectations of the users.

24 X 7 support

Transactional SMS stays operational round the clock. Thus, any business owner or sender need not have to restrict themselves from using transaction SMS service because of day, date or time. The messages can be passed on to the users at any time, and such messages will be delivered to the customers unless their phones are turned off.

Access to all customers

The promotional messages do not have the capability of reaching out to customers who have opted for Do Not Disturb facility. While, such is not the case with transactional messages as the SMS can be sent to such people as well. All you have to do is, approach a transactional SMS provider and provide them contact list and number of customers to who message needs to be sent.

Messages based on template

The transactional messages shared across the globe are based on templates. Thus users who wish to send out transactional messages can use the template and create a customized message of their own. With this, individuals are able to meet their specific needs and send out messages to targeted customers. However, before the message is circulated it is important that it is approved by the provider or not.

Why should business opt for bulk SMS marketing services over other services?

Do you wish to give a boost to your business? Well, one imagesof the best ways of doing so is by employing promotional message services offered by various companies. The advent and use of technology, has enabled users send out bulk promotional message to multiple users and that too within a short period of time. These services are basically designed for the purpose of promoting products and services offered by a company. This is not all; it also enables the company to get connected with customers and client and forms the basis of long and healthy relationship.

Flexible services

While availing Bulk SMS marketing services from professional, customers gets the freedom to send messages anywhere and also at any time. The only thing, which one is required to use these services is good internet connectivity. Thus following these simple steps, users are in a position to capture the wide market at the most affordable prices.

Boon for business

Promotional SMS services have proved to be a boom for business owners and their companies. The traditional methods of marketing has faded away, instead better and technical methods are opted for in the form of Bulk SMS marketing.

Conversion rate

Once the services of promotional SMS are opted for, there are high chances of conversion of readers into loyal customers. Hence, once SMS are sent, action is taken much more effectively and quickly in comparison to other forms of marketing.

Reliable services

While on one hand, email marketing services have to go through the battle of spam and other email filters, no such filters can be applied over short message services. These SMS promotional services enable companies to create direct connection with the customers. This in turn leads to increase in sales and profit of the company.

Short and direct messages

While this might be a challenge for some of the business owners, this short length SMS has proven to be a boon for business houses. With these services, short and crisp messages are sent to customers, which convey messages directly to the customer.  Thus customers are conveyed appropriately without much waste of time.

Market potential

The use of mobile phones is increasing with every passing day; which is why SMS marketing is considered to have great market potential. There lies completely no reason, as to why mobile marketing should not be opted for.

Considering the above mentioned benefits, it is favorable to opt for promotional SMS services, which is much more cost effective and efficient to use.

What type of services offered by Bulk SMS reseller panel?

Are you looking to promote or advertise your product and services via SMS? If yes, then you must choose a reliable bulk SMS service that helps your brand to create identity and marketing strategy for business growth.  Bulk SMS service is an effective way to improvise your business and reach out to desired audience without making much effort. It is important to understand what types of services are offered by which you can determine your move.

100% responsive panel- With the help of Bulk SMS reseller panel, companies will be able to get responsive designs effective for giving results in quick time.

Multiple services available in Single Panel– The Bulk sms reseller panel is designed in such a way that clients will be able to access different services in single panel such as SMS, Voice calling, Promo SMS, IVR and various other features. It is an ideal way by which guaranteed results can be achieved. Business can reach out to potential customers by using these services.

Customize settings– Flexibility is available to make changes in administrative levels and other generic features offered by API.

Delivery reports- One can check SMS is delivered to the potential customers by checking delivery reports and live status while ensuring TRAI guidelines are met.

100% uptime– With the help of reliable and flexible Cloud hosting server, services will be available 24×7 without any major glitches.

SMS scheduling- Another feature available by SMS reseller provideris SMS scheduling. It helps to schedule SMS so that it can reach potential customers without any delay.

Easy to use Interface and design- One of the major problems with most of the companies or user feel is complex interface and usage.

Private labelling– The new panel allows you to customize your domain by using your own logo and design. It also allows you to sale from your own company name.

Load balancing option- the auto switcher available by SMS reseller provider gives you load balancing option by which there will not be any SMS outage and auto switcher allows you balance SMS traffic to all nodes.

With the help of best SMS reseller services, you can promote your product and services in effective manner. Make sure that you choose the best design panel that gives you a lot of features like mentioned above. Now you don’t need to depend on advertising through expensive mediums as bulk SMS resellers gives you reliable and cost effective advertising via SMS.

Best website design company Delhi

If you are looking website designing company then we provide you the most unique offer for website. Every website has a particular domain name by which is recognized and a website is always located on some server and always has some internet protocol address (IP address). Creating a website with the best design possible for you, as your website success or failure tends to be closely linked and how professional your website is design. There are couples if things you still don’t know yet in creating the best website design. Without any question, the Indian web designer market is booming, with companies from the Delhi. Today the website plays a very important role in our daily life, like in business.

Find a website designing Firm in Delhi

Go to a few website design company reviews sites. You will also want to look at companies who have a fairly large number of reviews from a diverse. You can either contact the owner or even the servicemen of company for the charges. But the result our company will give cannot be provided by any other. We are the most reliable and trusted company in and around delhi.

Important aspects of a professional design

The first and foremost thing is to know what are the aspects that will make a website design professional one. The market today is flooded with a number of website designing companies. Website is one place where we can do various kinds of activity so a good logo means a lot website logo design includes its features. The custom website designing companies.

Choose the best and spend wisely

So, check the credentials of the designs rendering service related to website design in India, and check out some of their previous or existing clients for our information’s regarding the service they render. A website that is search engine friendly generating for your business. Finding a company that delivers the best result for your website at reasonable price:

  • Survey the market
  • Services and experience
  • Ensure whether the designers are SEO friendly
  • Maintenance service
  • Project delivery
  • Cost

Our web design companies are best for these protocols for finding the best website design company Delhi. Staticking get you the best result for your website. Visit us today and get the best results for your website. Give us a chance and we will present you the best.


Bulk SMS – a bonus in itself

We resist in the age of technological revolution, the planet is changing with a rapid pace. Businesses as well turn out to be more & more cut throat and competitive. In such type of a situation, it is incredibly significant to be in touch in the midst of technology at the entire times. At this time the business that is competent to attain more populace are stepping ahead faster than the others. It had become necessary to accomplish more people by means of the services. Also, people do get aware through it.

Over the earlier era of few years the SMS marketing has grown in a legitimate advertising path in a number of divisions of the earth. Today, the text messaging is one of the most extensively used forms of communication. At the present time no one can survive without the electronic gadgets. And the latest news and messaging arrives on it within a few minutes over and again. Subsequently Several business organizations make the most of this bulk SMS Jaipur service for delivering the resourceful stuff to its clients and customers. There are diverse bulk SMS provider in Bangalore which work out for fulfilling the diverse wants of the particular SMS demands.

Depends over the specific necessity of a person organization. The bulk SMS is one of the best form of promotion, marketing as well as publicity. The sending of the bulk SMS is a best ever way of marketing since it transports the right as well as complete info to the end user. Merely within few seconds. It is an Internet detail that 95% of the people, who obtain text messages, do open them. Consequently, why to stay left at the back in the aggressive competition. Therefore, fulfil your diverse business or custom needs via opting the best services of bulk SMS providers.

Whatsoever the sort of business you are involved in, the various options are available where you could incorporate bulk SMS Jaipur services to acquire maximum prospective of the business of yours. As the bulk SMS options are available in several packages by the bulk SMS provider in Bangalore. Also the bulk SMS service is available on the personalized as well as a customized format for the organizations. Within a single click the info is streamed to thousands of the masses at the same time. Begin using the Bulk SMS Services for an ideal communication & marketing method. Remain in touch via the existing clients, furthermore, reach to latest possible customers.



In view of the fact that a particular message cannot be sent to a particular person at a certain instance, so the bulk SMS option has proved to be a boon in itself. Bulk SMS encompass of a great utility. It can be used anywhere for the distribution of information to the large number of people. It proves an immense tool in promotion.

As the main aspect of it is that at the same time information is spread to a large number of masses within the similar time period and has become a very popular form of communication these days. Bulk SMS service is very quick and is not at all time consuming as to those of other communication forms.

As at the present bulk SMS has turned out to meet the requirements of people. The Promotional bulk SMS in Jaipur is the trend. As whether it is a small or large organization, it makes use of the bulk SMS service for its expansion and growth. If any sort of communication is required to be made in any activity as regards of mass messaging so it can be accessible by the promotional bulk SMS provider in Jaipur.

Promotional bulk SMS in Jaipur is now onwards the main source of the marketing. It leads to increase in business as well. As, for the most part schools, hospitals, colleges, hotels, universities, restaurants, companies, food chains, call centers, financial institutions, associations and so forth all rely on the bulk SMS service for conveying their information. As every third person on an average uses its mobile in every 3 to 5 minutes. So it’s quite easy to make him aware reading an info via a message. People do come in contact with messages from it. Also, it increases the ratio of conversion. Since the service of Promotional bulk SMS in Jaipur is not costly also as it can be attained at the affordable rates as well.

Bulk SMS had developed into the generally the most vital element regarding info flow in India, countless of the SMS are sent out regularly furthermore, there are quite a lot of websites that present bulk SMS service at diverse prices. There is nothing superior to promoting of a campaign through bulk SMS and for it many of the promotional bulk SMS providers in Jaipur are available.

As the bulk messaging wants are increasing so the promotional bulk SMS provider in Jaipur are also increasing.



Be in touch with the masses merely with the bulk SMS provision. As it has proved itself a very significant mode in the gush of the crucial information. It is one of the best forms of communication. Bulk SMS has led to flourishing the businesses by the way of its connectivity feature. Best results are obtained by the way of this service. The bulk SMS has also supported in the publicity of the products/ services and communicating among the audience by help of promotional bulk SMS providers in Jaipur that give the best deals recommendations on the SMS Packs.

The Bulk SMS service for an alert as well as reminder provision has become most in style in Jaipur for the reason that it is the reasonable resolution from former mediums. The multiple promotional bulk SMS provider in Jaipur helps you for sending Bulk SMS within Jaipur. You may make use of Bulk SMS service in the midst of your brand as MM-(Your particular Brand-Name) of particular character alphabets merely in Jaipur. Also the services along with unlimited validity are also available.

Several promotional bulk SMS providers in Jaipur in the monarchy of Bulk SMS deliver the classy services. The number of the service providers is arriving within the market and are supplying top-notch services to the variety of its clients. Foremost in addition to consistent promotional bulk SMS provider in Jaipur is to be had, just by the way of call or email, India. They do supply best of the services as per the requirement of the client within the affordable rates and cater the necessities of the clients. Some Bulk SMS provision providers give their facility amid open templates regarding some financial institutions, plus others with the finishing undertaking process within Jaipur to escape any legal troubles.  For many years quality bulk SMS Jaipur services are available to give appropriate and exact solution to the wants of yours, whether it’s a business, corporate or any other requirement.

Acquire Cheap along with best price as regards of Bulk SMS resolutions for Bulk SMS Jaipur Services. Various Bulk SMS packages are allotted by the SMS providers, the clients who need to utilize this particular service can pick his required package and conveniently apply it in his particular want. If you’re looking after to come across your aimed audience via the messaging provisions then you just need to contact with an excellent Bulk SMS Jaipur service provider.


What are the advantages of Email marketing solutions?

Emil marketing SolutionsWith the coming of digital breakthroughs like sms services, social media and search engine optimization, one might think that email marketing is on the verge of dying out. It is completely wrong to outcast email advertising so soon. It is very much alive in business and most profitable way of marketing.

Email marketing presents better business opportunities and helps in creating a deeper understanding to a wide number of audiences. Here are the top reasons for creating your own email marketing solutions for business.

Email marketing is targeted and involves lesser amount of efforts. Gone are the days when you advertise on television and cable with no control over your viewers. With email marketing, you have the ability to control over who exactly gets your email through lead status, contacts and locations. It is easy to customize your email for every customer, who receives content suited to their needs, resulting in better conversion rate.

With the help of a dedicated mail server, brand awareness is increased. Consumers are exposed to your business and brand name. With strategic planning, your business is capable of building value over a period of time. When a customer needs a product or service, you have a better chance of turning leads into consumers.

Email marketing is easily shareable with a simple click. Subscribers can share your deals and offers with their friends and family which only results to the exposure of your brand and increasing its credibility.

The success rate of email marketing is measurable. Analytics play important role in measuring the success of any campaign. Email marketing solutions draw precise metrics including delivery rates and number of subscribers. The data results are an insight into your customer’s interest. Email marketing is an important tool to monitor information consumers are most responsive to. You can further use this data to target marketing strategies for more successful campaigns.

The best thing about email marketing is its cost-effective nature and affordability. You do not need to spend money on prints, postage and other advertising mediums.

In today’s digital world, email marketing seems to take a backseat. But if haven’t considered using this marketing technique already, you should do it now! With proper strategic planning and guidance, it is sure to get benefit for your business. Email marketing is truly effective and credible tool overlooked by many. Email marketing is a must, for better return on investment.