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Are you a business owner? Have you just started? Looking for ways in which you can up your marketing game with the lowest possible investment? What is better than bulk SMS marketing? SMS marketing is one of the most used and effective marketing hacks by business owners and companies to increase sales. Let's face it, everyone has a smartphone in this digital age, and we are familiar with promotional SMS. We all get half a dozen of them just in a single day.


While most of these seem irrelevant, they leave a mark on our heads. The creative way in which these promotional SMSes are crafted is impressive. They are creative to the point and briefly convey all relevant information about the business. Promotional SMS is different from promotional emails. Such emails get lost in the spam folder and often go unnoticed. However, it is difficult for these SMS to be left unread on your phone. A survey shows nearly 95% of smartphone users use text messages. Imagine getting a promotional text through a bulk SMS service while texting someone else; how can you not notice them? It's hard for these to get unnoticed.


SMS Marketing - An Insight


SMS marketing is a fruitful marketing technique that can boost your business and sales by 48%. This technique entails sending promotional and transactional SMS to your targeted audience. These messages can be about exclusive offers, deals and discounts, coupons and vouchers, invoices, and other promotional offers. You can also target the users who have given you consent to send SMS, like your regular customers or clients. Many businesses use such marketing tricks to boost and grow their customer base. It is now easier than ever to find a competent bulk SMS company in Delhi. There are so many; you should go with a reputable one.


How Does Promotional Bulk SMS Work?


There is nothing simpler than sending promotional SMS through bulk SMS services. All you need to do is ask for your customers' permission to send them promotional SMS over the phone, email, or while using your website. Once you have customer consent, you can hire a company that provides these services, update the contact numbers of your customers on the list, and you are done. The promotional SMS will reach your customers in the blink of an eye.


What Are The Perks Of Promotional SMS?


Here are some of the benefits that promotional SMS provides. You should use this technique for your next marketing campaign and see a considerable increase in your sales and business growth.



● High Responsive Rate: According to reports and surveys, the opening or responsive rate of promotional SMS is relatively high. It enjoys an opening rate of 80% in the first three minutes and may go up to 95% in the next fifteen minutes. This implies that your customers are receiving and acknowledging your SMS even if they are not taking further action. The more creative or catchy the headline, the deeper it seeps into the mind of the targeted audience. It's hard to forget a funny or lame opener, isn't it?


● ROI: Promotional SMS is considered quite a constructive and lucrative marketing method. According to studies and experts, more than 50% of bulk SMS marketing campaigns yield optimal results. When these tricks are combined with other techniques and campaigns, it can gain higher ROI.


● Personal Touch: Besides sending promotional SMS to your customers about offers and deals, when brands and businesses send SMS on birthdays and anniversaries, customers relish that and feel special, even if it is for a minute. This helps provide a personalized touch and enhance customer loyalty. Hiring a trusted bulk SMS in Delhi is essential for the best results and maximum satisfaction.


● Brand Exposure: bulk SMS service in Delhi marketing techniques are known to reach a larger audience and enhance brand exposure by over 40%. Even though it is hard to believe, not everyone has access to the internet or is on social media where you might be running other promotional campaigns. However, SMS is a thing that reaches every remote corner of the country in the right place. After all, isn't marketing all about reaching the right person at the right time?


● Time-Limited Promotions: Sending out time-limited promotional SMS can give sales a significant and instant boost. Businesses and brands can devise exclusive deals for such campaigns and target audiences with cost-effective yet limited-time deals. Since many companies employ this marketing technique through bulk SMS marketing, the catchier and hotter the deal, the better traction it gets you. The holiday season is a great time to run these time-value deals for an instant sales boost.


● No-Barrier-Delivery: As mentioned earlier, a promotional SMS instantly reaches millions in the blink of an eye. There are hardly any barriers in their case. However, marketing emails often get lost in spam or fail to reach the targeted recipients.


SMS marketing has boundless potential, promises high ROI open rates, and requires minimum effort and cost. It is a high-yielding marketing technique that benefits small business owners and brands. With meager investments, time and effort, one can make their brand reach a vast audience and grow boundlessly. If you are looking for a reliable SMS company, you should get in touch with Static king - an adept bulk SMS company. With their experience, expertise, and knowledge, your business will flourish and pave the way for a brighter future.