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It is widely agreed that even in the age of digital advertising, SMS-Short Message Service (or texting) remains the most direct, efficient, and natural way to communicate with customers. Everything from advertising text for upcoming deals to shipping confirmation to support-related follow-up. Many well-known brands across various industries are taking advantage of the widespread use of SMS. Short message services allow businesses to communicate with consumers when and where they are most receptive, especially during a pandemic. More people are responding rapidly to SMS campaigns than to more conventional advertising forms, such as emails.



SME Marketing- A Game Changer

Customers' constant demands and needs have led to the widespread adoption of bulk SMS marketing in Delhi across all sectors, including the healthcare industry, service industries, real estate, retail, entertainment, etc. One advantage of sending messages in Bulk via SMS rather than email or telephone is that they are more likely to be read. A whopping 98% of all delivered messages are read, making SMS services invaluable to businesses that prioritize providing their customers with fast and helpful responses.


Benefits of SMS Marketing

Several sectors have come to appreciate the value of SMS marketing to better connect with customers.


High open rates compared to phone calls or emails, the available rates for text messages are significantly higher, making this one of the most significant advantages of sending messages in Bulk. SMS services are a boon to all businesses looking for quick and effective customer service because nearly all messages are opened (98 percent).


1. Better conversion rate

Even though instant messaging through apps is becoming increasingly popular, there are still many reasons businesses should use SMS. For example, text messages (SMS) enjoy a higher conversion rate than their modern-day equivalents. People are more likely to visit your company and take action in response to promotions or offers communicated via SMS than they are in response to advertisements or offers transmitted via any other marketing service.


2. SMS is inexpensive

Cloud messaging services, which make SMS a very cost-effective option, are another benefit of sending bulk SMS. These services add to the already numerous advantages of sending SMS in Bulk. Businesses can contact thousands of customers with just a few simple actions thanks to the Bulk SMS options made available by cloud telephony providers through either their platform or the SMS API. SMS marketing is a prooven method of more cost-effective than other forms of advertising, such as billboards, television, mobile, or magazine advertisements.


3. Greater audience reach

As a result of the rise in the use of smartphones, Statista found that in 2018, 52.2 per cent of all online traffic was generated through mobile phones worldwide. As a result, many companies have decided that SMS is their company's best communication method. It is not even necessary to have internet connectivity to receive a text message. All that is required is a functional phone; this is one of the primary benefits of using SMS in business.


Use Cases of SMS Marketing


SMS services have become increasingly popular among modern businesses for various reasons. Among them are message alerts, promotional offers and deals, transactional receipts, order status updates, and many others, all of which, in the end, contribute to the development of the brand and the retention of customers.


Appointment reminders:

One of the most common applications of SMS marketing that has gained widespread traction is sending automated reminders for upcoming appointments. Demand from customers is a contributing factor in this development. A recent survey found that consumers believe it is helpful to receive appointment reminders via text message, with 76% of respondents agreeing with this statement.


Two-way messaging:

SMS marketing is distinguished by its emphasis on facilitating conversations in both directions. Text messaging's potential revolutionary stems from the relatively straightforward realisation that a company's sales and marketing staff can have direct, real-time discussions with individual customers. Customers in today's market want to be able to get in touch with you whenever they have inquiries, and they also want to be assured that real people, not robots run your company.


New product launch:

Letting your customers know about your new product is important. Not tomorrow, and not the week after that either. Act quickly, especially if you want to give your dedicated SMS subscribers the opportunity to purchase the product before anyone else. Texts are typically read within the first few minutes of being received, so if you want to offer any customers first dibs or let them know early about the launch of your product.


SMS Marketing Fuels Growth for Small Businesses

Mobile marketing is a strategy that can help a small business, no matter how long it has been providing its services or how recently it has opened its doors, expand its customer base and generate more repeat business. Every message serves as an advertisement for one of your products.


SMS is a service that is always on and welcomes new customers into your brand. Companies have no choice but to focus on cultivating their relationships with customers to remain competitive in today's e-commerce environment, which is growing exponentially. There is no question that a marketing strategy via SMS would benefit smaller businesses.


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