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Businesses use SMS marketing for their businesses to get in touch with customers and reward loyalty. For example, businesses can spread product news or alerts via text messages, so customers know about an order that has been shipped for example.


SMS is an extremely powerful communication channel with an estimated 3.6 billion active users worldwide. With the growth of smartphones and texting, the old-fashioned voice message on someone's phone has been largely replaced. So going online to send out text messages is one catchy way of marketing a product to a specific niche like one might not have thought would be receptive to it initially. If you've found your target market, then go ahead and get on with getting SMS campaigns right away.


Mobile coupons will help you attract new customers, keep them coming back for more, and gain loyal repeat business. You can use mobile coupons in Promotional SMS marketing campaigns to develop the habits of a brand's most loyal or dedicated customers.

What is Promotional SMS?

Be it to promote your business, service or product, or simply to send a friendly reminder to your customers, promotional SMS is a cost-effective and efficient marketing tool. Send informative and useful promotional text messages to your customers instantly and track their response rate with the Real-Time Reporting feature.


Promotional SMS is the newest way businesses can connect with customers on a personal level.  Promotional SMS marketing offers a variety of plans for small and large businesses to be able to send out promotional SMS texts directly from their phone. Send personalized and customized SMS to your customers at the right time. Make them feel that they are special with messages that are relevant to their needs.

Promotional SMS Messages That Have Proved Effective

Promotional SMS must be done correctly. There are numerous ways to do promotional SMS in an ineffective manner.


Let's look at some amazing examples of how promotional SMS messages can be done effectively in different industries to prevent sending subpar SMS messages:


Sales and Promotional-

“Take 40% off on your first order with code Welcome”.

Birthday Offer-

“Happy birthday {Name} ! Show this text to get an extra 30% off on your next 2 purchases with us”.

Reward loyal customers-

You've been with us for a year. We just wanted to ThankYou for your continued participation! Receive a 50% discount on your next purchase in our store.


An upcoming sale reminder-

“In less than 2 hours, our [HOLIDAY] sale will begin! Are you all set? Take a look at our gift collections right now [URL]. To opt-out, text STOP”.


“You were dearly missed. Greetings, [NAME]! It's been a long since you've stopped by. Come see our newest collections and save 15% on your next purchase”.


These are some fantastic instances of how promotional texts may be used in a variety of ways to boost return on investment. The use of hypothetical inquiry at the beginning of the text is an excellent technique to grab the reader's attention. All of the texts are short, to-the-point, and include an opt-out option at the bottom.

Benefits of Promotional SMS


a) Affordable Bulk SMS is one of the cheapest ways to advertise. It costs as little as 3 cents per message, making it an affordable option for both small and large businesses. Many modern businesses save money by using promotional marketing instead of sending out letters and pamphlets.


b) Flexible – You can choose how many recipients you want your message to reach and when you want it delivered. Promotional SMS gives you flexibility to send msg to large number to recipients anytime.


c) Building a loyal customer base- Promotional texts are a fantastic way to engage and nurture loyal customers. This makes your customer feel special because their patronage is being recognized by making them the focus of your message. The more you give, the more returns you'll see on your investment!


d) Build Communication- A way to engage is built upon good communication. Just as you want good relationships to last, so you should the messages that you send. Build a relationship with your customers and make them feel like they're on your side. Let them know of special offers or even just to say thank you through an SMS message every once in a while.


Factors to consider while selecting a promotional SMS service provider

A wide network reach-

Getting your message out all over the world takes some of the stress off, knowing that you have a reliable company to do it for you at a great price. Assuming this is the case for example, why not let Staticking do what they do best by providing your audience with more information about your company and products. We will let you to connect to over more than 1000 networks worldwide. We can assist your company in attaining victory no matter where your future plans lead.

SMS Automation

Automating data updates to multiple systems and ensuring that communication is timely and informative will help you grow your business. It's something mobile developers who specialize in SMS applications should be able to do effectively with the right software that enables them to streamline the process—and ensure customer satisfaction!

Reliability and Security

You are going to need to work with a reliable and secure SMS provider, so make sure you check them out and their customer services before deciding whether it is one that you can use.


SMS marketing is one of the most cost-effective and targeted methods of marketing. It is also one of the most efficient. Compared to email marketing, it is easier and faster to send a message to your customer base, and the response rate is higher. If you want to learn more about how promotional SMS marketing works, please contact StaticKing anytime.