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Smartphone use has increased every year, with recent research showing seventy percent of people in the world use their smartphones on a regular basis. Bulk SMS Delhi Company “StaticKing” provides you with an effective means to market your products and services. The figures speak for themselves: over 90 percent of mobile users will read your message instantly the moment it gets delivered and most of them within minutes of its delivery. That’s great news for anyone who wants to market their product or service using this smart and cost-effective method, which we at “StaticKing” call SMS marketing.

Get an incredible return with SMS service

Although sending texts may not be the most innovative way to promote your business, it can certainly deliver the best results. Better response and conversion rates for example. More importantly, the cost per click and more generally the overall cost of acquisition are relatively low. This makes it a very powerful tool for all sorts of companies, from retail niche businesses to big brands with broad reach.

Compatibility with a bulk SMS service and ease of installation

Text messaging has been a wonderful way for busy marketers to send quick and easy marketing messages to their potential clients. It's much faster than other text-based ways of communicating like email or instant chat and with more people texting than ever before it leaves one wondering what the future holds for text-based marketing campaigns!

Save money by signing up for low-cost SMS service.

The wonderful thing about this type of marketing is that it is extremely cost-effective for any company. It has opened up a lot of opportunities for small business owners who may have previously believed their options were limited when it came to promotional techniques. So if you're looking to expand your market and promote your brand, while keeping costs down, there’s no better opportunity for that.

Best SMS Service Practices For Your Business


      Super effective marketing is what StaticKing has to offer you. As businesses become more accustomed to using messaging through text on a frequent basis, business owners should be aware that messages sent in the same way they’d send emails can actually prove to be annoying to customers. So why wouldn’t you do it? It all boils down to following certain guidelines or you might have legal recourse as well as losing your customer base who might not appreciate such overzealous texts.


      Include an easy way for your customers to leave your texting campaign. This will help you avoid losing any good customers and save you the trouble of trying to fix something broken while it’s still broken.


      An excessive amount of text messages may not be very effective in relation to your company’s mission and goals. Instead, reevaluate the metrics that were set as a goal by yourself or your clients/customers so you can better shape your future texts without offering too much information or possibly being repetitive!


A few key texting mistakes that some business owners tend to make include sending messages too early, over-sending your brand-related SMS, as well as having less than scintillating or even completely passive content. It’s important not to understate how vital call-to-action (CTA) is to an email marketing campaign - and the same goes for a text message campaign! It's likely that if you recognize three of the aforementioned mistakes above in a business designed to promote and market via text messages (or another form of electronic communication), customers are apt to opt-out.

The Facts-

SMS marketing is about to change the whole face of business. As consumers continue using mobile devices more and more, businesses have begun to adapt their existing strategies, like email marketing and social media advertising, by incorporating SMS communication into their programs as well.


Bulk SMS is a marketing channel that helps businesses connect with customers in a meaningful way. This channel gives you the opportunity to market directly to your consumers, which leads to higher engagement, conversions, and revenue.


StaticKing is a bulk SMS service company that provides you with complete control over your communication strategy. Our intuitive platform allows users to manage their marketing efforts at scale and across multiple channels, including email, SMS, social media, and more.

Bulk SMS gives your business a more direct and interactive channel to connect with customers, allowing you to better build relationships and increase brand loyalty. Through this service, you will be able to get customer feedback and improve customer retention rates by making it easier for consumers to communicate with your company. This can help in increasing the number of returning customers who will spend more on your products or services.

The Final Verdict

Whatever your budget or objectives, using SMS in marketing is a smart choice. More than smartphones and computers, SMS reaches the widest array of devices including feature phones and the main reason marketers benefit from it more than other digital tactics, besides its versatility across use cases and ability to deliver high ROI, is because SMS allows marketers to reach people they otherwise wouldn’t be able to talk to such as people who don’t have mobile devices or internet connections.