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Bulk SMS Services has become an important tool for effective multichannel marketing as more and more companies need to make such small or large connections as their customers walk. Despite growing awareness of the importance of bulk SMS gateway services, many digital marketing agencies do not offer these services as part of their core services, reducing customer opportunities and reaching customers. We are improving ROI.

It's a misconception between companies that bulk SMS services in Delhi are expensive and require an investment in the app. The second misconception is that there is no possibility of optimization and targeted communication, so there is no way to verify the effectiveness of sending messages and analyze the effectiveness of campaigns that support return on investment. ..

But this is far from reality. Easy access for mobile users, sending customized and targeted communications with real-world service providers such as Static King. Our sophisticated, customer-friendly interface is designed with the needs of old and new customers in mind.

Around the world, SMS marketing has played an important role in making a brand a generic name, as long as customer privacy is taken into account in a legal way and opt-in tools are provided.

Here's why SMS marketing is so important to your marketing mix:

* The most direct way to reach customers: Bulk SMS reseller Delhi is the most direct communication channel. Studies show that successful message delivery results in a 97% open rate within 15 minutes of delivery. About 45% of bulk SMS marketing campaigns are successful enough to cover your investment. Combined with other marketing tools such as email and social media, the percentage reaches 50%.

* Include shortcodes in marketing materials: Companies can include shortcodes and keywords in their marketing materials, such as travelers, banners, and billboards, that encourage customers to become familiar with the brand and open and interact with their messages. I will.

* SMS needs to work with other marketing channels: All marketing channels need to work closely together. Even as a standalone channel, bulk messaging can be a great marketing channel. It can be very effective when supported by other marketing channels such as email and social media.

* Bulk SMS provides the fastest customer response: Bulk SMS service in Delhi is widely used to collect feedback from customers through research. According to a recent survey, 31% of customers responded to the survey via SMS, which also took less than 5 minutes. This apparently SMS shows excellent results in a short period of time.

* Response data enables effective monitoring and tracking: Unlike common misconceptions, SMS allows ROI tracking, identifies customer engagement, and also monitors delivery rates. This makes it easier for email marketing to be comparable. Companies can use these analyzes to improve future campaigns and enable them to build powerful mobile databases. With the advent of highly customizable and user-friendly interfaces, SMS marketing has come a long way in recent years and is widely adopted by small and medium-sized businesses as well as large businesses. If you are looking for a genuine bulk SMS service provider in India, Static King representatives will be happy to help.