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SMS are known to generate leads, boost the sales and offer the best response rate when compared to other mediums. Businesses that are keeping themselves away from bulk SMS marketing, no matter the reason, are missing out on a lot of beneficial opportunities not only in terms of revenue but brand image too.

Similar to metropolitan cities, Jaipur too is doing wonders in terms of business, hence, the support of a Bulk SMS company in Jaipur has grown in popularity. If you are someone who operates a business in the pink city, going through the below listed important facts related to bulk SMS services could be highly rewarding.

In these statistics, you will find out why bulk SMS marketing has evolved as the most effective channel to grow and promote your business.

· About 65% of the people are inclined towards SMS over other communication channels.

· 90% of messages are opened and read within just 3 minutes of delivery.

· 75% of customers prefer to receive promotional messages from businesses or brands.

· India is known to be the second largest country in the world with close to 730 million people using SMS to communicate.

· Approximately 91% of people have their mobile phones with them 24/7.

· About 85% of people choose to receive text over emails and calls.

· Open rate of SMS is 98%, which is higher than other mediums.


As a result of the facts listed above, SMS is the most efficient and trustworthy way to publicize a business and develop a strong bond with the clients. You may not know but only 20% emails are opened, 12% Facebook posts are read and 29% tweets are read. Talking about SMS, as mentioned already, the open rate is 98%. Hence, a bulk SMS company in Jaipur could be your jackpot of profits, revenue, fame, increased customers and success that won’t ever fade.

There’s no denying that despite the busy life and routine that keeps one on their toes, almost everyone is addicted to looking at the phone a number of times. This is one of the major reasons smart businesses choose text messaging to approach the customers, connect with them, communicate with them and last but not the least, turn them into long-term & loyal customers without trying too hard.

As per the data, the total number of people using text messages will reach 5.9 billion by the year 2025, which in itself speaks volumes about the potential of a bulk SMS in Jaipur has for your business.


Major Industries using Bulk SMS

Though every industry is using text messages these days, some of the most known industries include:

· Media outlets

· Enterprises

· Healthcare

· Retailers

· Airlines

· Consumer brands

· Travel agencies

· Banks

· Large consumer websites


Why do Successful Industries use Bulk SMS?

First and foremost reason is their large user base and clients they have to contact to share the useful information. Be it a reminder, news or update, these industries depend on a reliable way to deliver their messages at the right time without fail. For more reasons, head to the points mentioned below:

· Though email marketing is known as one of the effective ways to connect with people, only a limited number of emails are read and this limited number is very small. However, this isn’t the case with SMS marketing. Also, they can be read without internet, which is one very obvious reason; SMS have a record of 98% in terms of being opened and read. On that note, engaging with customers is effortless with a bulk SMS in Jaipur.


Mass messaging is a form of extra business offer to increase the sales and profits together. It empowers to reach the customers with the right details at the right time Depending on the business type and its goals, leading customers through sales funnel to reach macro conversions or engagement is a possibility.