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Nowadays, people are very much dependent on mobile phones. They use it to connect with their relatives and friends in a quick and easy way. Sending bulk SMS is the best way to reach potential buyers instantly and to inform them about promotional and informative details about your business.

Bulk SMS Service Provider in Delhi

Give your business a major boost in branding by hiring the best bulk SMS marketing service provider in Delhi. In the era of mobile messaging, you can use SMS to send multiple promotional messages that may break through other old-fashioned methods while offering you many possible chances to generate higher leads and attract more customers to your business.


SMS marketing is an effective digital marketing strategy that enables your business to achieve recognition among potential clients by sending them bulk digital promos on various topics as per your requirements and wishes.


Communicate instantly with bulk SMS service providers in Delhi and customers by posting bulk SMS messages. In the mobile phone era, this marketing strategy offers a unique possibility to break other promotional methods and in turn generate higher leads.

High-end Services Delivered by Bulk SMS Provider

Bulk texting is extremely important for businesses and the best Bulk SMS Service Providers in Delhi are making this a part of their marketing strategy. In order to reap the benefits that bulk SMS service providers can bring to any business or organization, it is important to select the right services and features. Make sure your Bulk SMS Service provider in Delhi includes all the following, but are not really limited to these:

      Maximize your ROI by reaching potential buyers at the right time.

      Get insights with consistent reporting and analysis from our user-friendly dashboard.

      Schedule promotional SMS in advance so that they can be delivered on time to targeted recipients.

      Get a detailed overview of your investments and ROI.

      Manage all contacts, campaigns, and messages in one user-friendly dashboard.

      Get your messages delivered instantly with zero mistakes.

      Send SMS to a group of people with a single click. No need to type in everyone's number.

      Send personalized messages with dynamic sender names and ids.

      Choose from a variety of affordable bulk SMS packages that sync well with your business needs.

      Keep your recipients engaged with Unicode SMS.

      Give yourself peace of mind by opting for DND and non-delivery confirming options.

Types of Bulk SMS

Texting is a form of communication which we all use quite frequently in this time and age, whether it's for personal reasons, or for business. Among the different types of messaging, one can send Bulk Text Messages as well. One can send these messages to groups of people as an SMS BroadCast and also to individual contacts through their Cellphone numbers or even email addresses.


There are mainly 2 kinds of bulk SMS messages and these are Promotional and Transactional. You can send bulk SMS from your computer or your phone to a group of contacts or individual contacts as per your business's demands.

Promotional Bulk SMS-

Promotional or marketing SMS text messages can help promote businesses by letting prospective customers know about new product offerings, special deals, or other business promotions. You can send these messages using any computer and an Internet connection to login into your Bulk SMS (text messaging service).


Promotional SMS is a system that allows companies to send low-cost messages in the form of text or SMS to their customers. This can be used by businesses who want to promote sales, events, advertising and more. It allows companies to communicate with potential and current clients on a personal level based on their preferences. This ensures they can attract accurate leads while building.

Transactional Bulk SMS-

This type of message is used to provide informational details. Do you want to circulate a public notice? Or do you need user notification for service subscriptions, opt in confirmations, two-factor authentication via OTP or integration of the API which has been triggered by the customer? All these are different forms of transactional topics.


The purpose of transactional SMS is to connect with customers and give them important information about orders, bills, and deliveries. Government agencies, banks, schools and other organisations use this service to keep in contact with clients. 

Why Do You Need Bulk SMS Services for Your Business? 

Bulk SMSs are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to market your product. The trick is to get people to see your text message so that they will be attracted to what you are offering as a business or individual. To get these messages out there, bulk SMS can help you reach your target audience in four different ways.


Also, you have the option of setting up automated responses so that whenever you send a message all the clients will get it within no time along with details like timestamp, originating number and price charged for sending it.

Powerful Features of Bulk SMS

      Powerful Dashboard

      Sender ID

      High Speed

      SMS Template

      Dynamic Excel Upload

      SSL Secure Gateway

      API Integration


Why Us?

StaticKing bulk SMS service provider in Delhi is a reliable channel for business owners to effectively manage their brand. With high-quality solutions for branding in mind, a professional team understands client requirements from the start and can help you find the best potential channels of communication to grow your business in any industry. Our bulk SMS solution is ideal for gaining ongoing opportunities as well as boosting consumer confidence.