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To share details, benefits and other important information regarding a product or service, companies often look for the best ways. While some of them deploy a number of other ways, smart businesses go for the bulk SMS way. Not only businesses but customers & prospects are also fond of using such services.

But what exactly is bulk SMS service and why it is so hyped? Continue reading to unveil the answers.

Bulk SMS Service

Known as the best practice to share details with the audience, a multitude of businesses these days are dependent on this service. Business owners tend to send messages to a wider range of audience and that too at the same time. Here, bulk SMS service comes to the rescue, as it is the best platform to share a heavy volume of text. From a marketing campaign to a competition, notifications or events, the service works well for all.

Talking about the benefits, they include-

·      Increased revenue

·      Promising outcome

·      High efficiency

·      Competitive advantage

·      Low operational cost

·      Good return on investment

Nowadays, there’s no shortage of service providers and each of them offers the services according to the use cases and categories. Through the internet messaging system, promotional, transactional and informational message can be sent to any mobile number via an API or interface.

Let us now talk a little about promotional and transactional SMS service for a better understanding.

Promotional SMS Service

A form of necessary bulk SMS, promotional SMS aims at performing the marketing activities. It is best suited to inform customers about discounts, promote sales & offers, increase sales and maintain customer interaction. All this is done through SMS. Customer details are shared with the service provider. Using a reliable interface, the service provider expert enters the mobile numbers, add content or information into the boxes and sends it to a defined audience

·      Promotional SMS is an easy and flexible method to reach maximum customers with low investment.

·      Compared to other campaigns, it guarantees highest return on investment.

·      It benefits businesses with branding, promoting a product/service, upselling, advertising and even sending seasons wishes.

Transactional SMS Service

This service remains in demand to send informational details, API SMS, OTP SMS, service SMS and more. Businesses use transactional SMS service to talk about products, services and transactions since passing the messages and integrating two-way authentication is easy.

·      Message is delivered instantly and in a brief form; best to share critical data.

·      Even connects the DND administrated customers and send useful & valuable details to them.

·      Irrespective of the transaction time, a transactional message is delivered to the users within real-time.


SMS Bulk Service


By integrating SMS services, sharing mass text becomes a piece of cake. The service is backed by good communication support and reaching the customers or staff is effortless. Simplifying the tasks, the service provider makes it easy to save time and efforts. SMS bulk service is probably the perfect way to send texts to groups in just a minute.

·   Details are secured through integration of high-level encryption

·  Guidance to import contacts from CSV to excel document followed by entering details and merging them is provided by the professionals

·   Via data security, service provider takes the responsibility of securing details of businesses as well as customers

It’s a Wrap!

Establishing good communication with customers and keeping their interest intact regarding the company’s offers, recent updates and product launch turns easy through messaging. Upon turning one-way text into a two-way conversation, a business can keep in touch with its customers. All in all, attracting more customers and taking the business towards the success ladder isn’t a big deal with bulk SMS service. 

Today’s world runs on the command of a phone and bulk SMS service is a sure-shot tool to sow the seeds of trustworthy relationships with a personalized touch.