Business Leads

Considering the constant rate at which the business world is changing, there is a requirement of an updated source of relevant information and new business leads. StaticKing provides services that can help you to generate the required leads to business. Our optimal ways are suited to get the most appropriate information that is required by any of our clients who come from diverse backgrounds. Our highly efficient and vigilant team of professional personnels continuously strive to bring the best to you. We also evaluate the leads that we generate so that what you get is absolutely refined with a higher probability of conversion.

Staticking is a LEAD Generation Company in Delhi, offer services for lead conversion through email advertising and bulk SMS messaging in Delhi, India.

We work towards the appropriate and timely refinement of our lead scoring criteria in order to meet the specifc needs of our clients. Various campaigns including bulk email and bulk SMS are redesigned and generated based on the needs of your current business and the conditions of functioning. We high benefits to your business by bringing forth a range of promotional marketing ideas. We have an extremely reliable mailing server with a limitless scope that ensures the sending and on time delivery of queued up emails.

Business lead generation is the first step that is taken in the cycle of sales. In order to be able to do it effectively, we carefully analyse your target market. After that we formulate and implement a strategy accordingly to engage the decision makers within your targeted market. There are numerous ways that we use to assist in increasing your sales results. Our expertise in end-to-end Lead Generation Service Delhi coupled with our strategic client management are ideal for all kinds of business deals. This is due to the fact that our systems are flexible and can be modified as per the specific requirements of our clients and their nature of business.

Features & Benifits

(Below features only valid for Business Lead Calls)

  • Free IVR Service
  • Lead Notification
  • Online Web Panel
  • Caller Details
  • SMS Alerts on Every Calls
  • 100% Genuine Leads
  • Unlimited IVR Minute
  • Calls Records
  • Activation Time – Quick
  • Lead Source via SMS/Email
  • Validity as per Plans
  • Online Web Panel
  • Lead Timing : 9AM to 8PM
  • Free Ongoing Support


(Choose below packages according to your needs.)

Main Features Lead - A Lead - B Lead - C Lead - D
Project Cost 0 Lac - 25 Lac 26 Lac - 50 Lac 51 Lac - 75 Lac 76 Lac - 1 Cr.
Miss Call Not Countable Upto 20 Sec. Upto 20 Sec. Upto 20 Sec. Upto 20 Sec.
Calls Not Countable Upto 20 Sec. Upto 20 Sec. Upto 20 Sec. Upto 20 Sec.
Lead Source Email / SMS Email / SMS Email / SMS Email / SMS
Delivery Time (100 Lead) 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
Price Per Lead 250/- 400/- 600/- 800/-


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